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ePro Scheduler Plus - Client Survey

Would you be interested in participating in a client satisfaction survey of ePro Scheduler Plus?

The information gathered will help us in determining how to serve you better, what tools you're most interested in seeing upgraded, and your interest in an eCore User's Conference. The survey takes about 2-3 minutes and all informaiton will remain private.

If you would like to take part in the client satisfation survey, please click the button below.


Current Satisfaction Scores

Avatar 02/19/2019

Send Message Update!

If you have ever needed to send out a message to all users currently working on the schedule at that moment, we have a cool news. This feature request has been completed and is now available!

If you have any other requests that you would like to see in the future, please take a moment to post your feedback to our Community Forums. Everything posted there is taken seriously and taken to heart. We love to improve and appreciate your help in doing it!

To see this new option you will navigate to Message Center > Send Messages and then choose the hard coded group from the 'Message Group' drop down.

Staffing Templates

Avatar 02/18/2019

Banner Messages Lunch & Learn

February marked the start of our ePro Scheduler Lunch & Learn series which was created in response to the need for support in core areas affecting clients.

Here's how they work:

  1. First we select themes that are important to our clients.
  2. Next we allow one of our knowledgable CSMs to cover the topic.
  3. We invite our clients to learn from them during a thirty minute webinar session.
  4. Then do a brief Q&A at the end.

This month's webinar was created and presented by Jessica Parker and Shivaun Virk. They discussed the Banner Messages tool within the Message Center and the different ways it has been used by our clients.

If you weren't able to sign up in time, don't worry because we've got you covered. To download and view their webinar all you need to do is click on this link. For a detailed walk through of the Banner Messages tool, you can also access this handy support article.

If you have suggestions for future topics that would benefit your understanding of ePro Scheduler, please submit them to our community forums.

Lunch and Learn

Avatar 02/12/2019

2019 ePro Scheduler User Conference

On April 3rd in Dallas Texas, eCore Software Inc. will be hosting their annual User Conference for all clients looking to improve their current scheduling workflows & processes. This year, eCore has centered the conference around the overall user experience by constructing an agenda that focuses on what attendees want to know.

The 2019 User Conference will include:

  • Educational breakout sessions with Q&A opportunities
  • Keynote speakers from eCore Leadership
  • Exclusive look into Scheduling 2.0 updates
  • Chance to meet your Client Success Manager
  • Complimentary breakfast, lunch, and snacks
  • Two night stay in one of Dallas’s best hotels
  • Daily Raffle Drawings

Any and all current ePro Scheduler clients are welcome to join the educational conference by signing up through our events page. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Sara, Director of Business Development at

User Conference

Avatar 08/06/2018

New Community Forums

Here at eCore Software we are committed to making you, our client, successful. Today we are happy to share with you a new Feature Request Forum available to you within our support ticketing system. The Forum is a place for you to communicate directly with us and with other users. We hope you’ll use it to exchange ideas with the community, and discuss ways we can continue to improve our platform and services to better meet your needs.

This is the first of many community topic forums we will be opening up in the near future. Your opinions and ideas are very important to us, and we want to ensure that you have the platform to share them, not only with us, but with the rest of the community.

Please check out our new Feature Request Forum and share your thoughts on what enhancements you would like to see in our products and services. We are looking forward to hearing what you think!

Avatar 06/19/2018

Weekly Scheduled Maintenance

Beginning Tuesday, June 19th, eCore will be conducting weekly scheduled maintenance every Tuesday from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm CST to address software upgrades and bug fixes in an effort to improve performance and enhance the user experience.

There should be little to no interruption in service during the maintenance window and most issues regarding access to the system should be resolved by waiting a few minutes and then logging in again.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve ePro Scheduler so that we can most effectively meet your needs.

Please notify key people in your organization of this weekly scheduled maintenance announcement.

Thank you,

The eCore Software Team.

Avatar 05/18/2018

A New Way to Build Tracker Forms!

eCore is excited to announce that the highly anticipated new incident forms suite is now available and and shows up in the configure menu of ePro Tracker! This is a huge upgrade to the previous version of ePro Tracker and we can't wait for you to see it!

The reporting tool for incident tracking will still offer the same functionality as the legacy product, while also increasing user experience and satisfaction.

If you're interested in having this enabled for your database, please contact support for assistance.

In the meantime, check out our form builder quick start guide.

GPS 04/03/2018

Location Based Time Clocks Are Here!

Location based time clock tools are now available! Location Time Clocks allow employees to clock in using handheld devices such as tablets and cell phones when the device is within range of a time clock. Location services (GPS) must be enabled on the device to locate the user and determine whether he or she is within the time clock’s specified radius.

To have this new functionality enabled, contact our support department for assistance.

For more details you can download the Quick Start Guide: ePro Plus Location Time Clock Document

Staffing Templates

CHAT 01/15/2018

Introducing Chat Support

Do you ever have a quick question that doesn't seem to be big enough for a call? What about something that needs to be addressed more quickly than a ticket? Well, you're in luck! We're introducing chat on our support site.

You can see the chat icon at the bottom right hand corner of the page. Clicking it will open a small form where you can enter a question for someone on our support team to answer. If your question ends up being too big to resolve in a chat session, we can simply convert the conversation into a ticket so that you don't have to take any additional actions.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it. We look forward to chatting with you!

Our New Chat Tool

Avatar 12/05/2017

Support Articles

Easily accessible software support is our priority. Giving you the resources you need to solve problems and find solutions is our goal.

We've started creating a library of support articles to help walk you through tasks you may have forgotten or are only just learning. If there are any specific pages you would like to see us create a tutorial for, please let us know.

In the meantime, check out our most recent tutorials, posted in the drop down menus to the Left.

Avatar 10/09/2017

New Employee Accrual/Deduction Summary Report

If you have ever needed to invesitgate timeoff accrual or deductions for an employee, you are going to love our new report!

To begin, first navigate to ePro Scheduler > Payroll > Payroll Reports > Employee Accrual/Deduction Summary. Next select an employee, date span, and bank type then click the blue 'Query' button.

Need to check out Manual Entries? You can click on the 'View' link to see all manual timeoff entries by datespan.

Staffing Templates

Avatar 10/09/2017

Schedule Worksheet Modals

We've just finished updating the new pop-up windows/modals on the Schedule Worksheet. These new modals are responsive and sized to fit on all devices!

To use the new windows, you will select the action from the worksheet like normal and instead of a separate browser window, a size responsive modal will load in the center of your screen. To close the item you can simply click anywhere outside of the item box.

Staffing Templates

Avatar 09/29/2017

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I have finished making my shift profiles and staffing templates but when I create the schedule, the employees aren't filling into the shifts. What am I missing?

A: The most common mistake we see occurs when the start time and durations of the shift profile and staffing templates don't match up exactly. Double checking that the times and days line up properly usually resolves this issue.

If you aren't sure how to check this, you can begin by navigating to ePro Scheduler > Scheduling Admin > Manage Shifts. Next click on the blue 'Staffing Templates' link.

This will open a window view showing the staffing templates and shifts in one easy to check location.

Staffing Templates

Avatar 09/07/2017

Taking a Screenshot

When encountering an error or issue, sometimes getting it resolved by our technical team can be expidited by providing a screenshot in your ticket.

If you aren't sure how to do this on a PC, you can follow the steps below.

Message Center

Avatar 08/07/2017

New Mobile-Friendly ePro Scheduler Interface

Phone-Optimized ePro Scheduler tools are now available! The first cut of phone-optimized functionality includes the most commonly used Self Service tools in ePro Scheduler. These tools size appropriately for phone screens and are optimized to function intuitively on smartphones. This means no more zooming in or horizontal scrolling to do what you need to do.

When you log into ePro on a smartphone, the new phone optimized functionality will automatically load. If you need to get to functions not available in the phone interface, simply click the "Launch Desktop" option at the bottom of the navigation menu. Once on the desktop version, you can get back to the phone version by clicking the "Launch Mobile" link at the botton of the main ePro menu.

Though these tools should be very familiar to current users, the following document may be helpful: ePro Plus Mobile Document

Message Center

Avatar 05/25/2017

New Vehicle Checklists Video Tutorial

Unable to display video content. Adobe Flash is required.

Check out our new walk through on using the Drag and Drop check list!

Avatar 05/19/2017

New Vehicle Checklists w/Drag and Drop Design

Northern Lights

Users of ePro Fleet are getting a major upgrade in the area of Vehicle Checklists! The tool has been completely reworked to include drag and drop design of one or two column checklists that auto-resize to fit the user's screen, the ability for the employee to save a checklist and finish it later, a detailed transaction log of all changes made to a checklist template, and the ability to run date-span reports on checklist data that display the fields in a checklist in a tabular format!

For more information, you can download the overview from the 'Help Documents' menu to the left of this article.

If you don't use ePro Fleet, but would like to set up a time for a live demo, please contact us here!

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